Aileron Strategy

Brought to you by RGC LLC in partnership with AIO Ag, LLC

A producer’s flight guide for grain marketing

AIO Ag uses disciplined risk-management solutions and data-driven timing models to guide marketing decisions. Mechanical rules and “if/then” scenarios are employed to promote a non-emotional decision-making process. The firm focuses on multiple crop years tovprotect a grower’s operation for this year and years to come.

Pricing Program: Aileron Strategy

AIO Ag’s Aileron Strategy is a multi-faceted pricing program that offers a diversified hedge portfolio to agricultural producers to enhance their operation’s grain marketing.

Enrollment Specifications

AIO’s Advantage

No Margin Calls

No futures account, no margin calls, no upfront fees, period. Start marketing your grain without worrying about working capital and cash flow constraints. Fees will be deducted after delivery.

Exitable / Rollable Contract

Producers can choose to exit or roll the cash contract at any point. This flexibility is ideal for growers who’ve met profitability targets and/or wish to capture carry markets.

Freedom & Flexibility

Managed Pricing Programs are not tied to a specific delivery location. Choose the best time to lock in basis with the best bid, at a merchandiser of your choice.

Counterparty Diversification

Our managed pricing programs are executed via StoneX Commodity Soultions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc (NASDAQ: SNEX), a Fortune 100 company.

Rooted in Soil, Managed by Experts

Founded by both farmers and commodity specialists, experience a unique systematic approach to grain marketing using a variety of mechanical pricing methods.

Risk Management Partners

Work with seasoned professionals that understand grain marketing and risk management.

After several years of working with the team at AIO, I have found them to be a great asset to our operation. They are always looking for creative new ways to enhance our marketing plan and hedging options. I feel that they are an advocate for their customer, going above and beyond expectations.
-Josh C.
Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Producer (Lafayette, IN)

Luke Routh (New Richland, MN)

Involved in risk management and grain marketing for 14+ years, Luke’s roots in agriculture begin on the farm. He has a track record of success in business and agriculture and loves educating peers.



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Corn Update

AIO Ag’s services are intended specifically for participants involved with physical commodities. AIO partners with merchant services groups and/or grain dealers (“Vendors”) to offer some of its services. Through its Vendor relationships, AIO trades in a variety of physical commodities, and offers services to help customers manage the risks associated with their physical product. This is not a futures account or securities account and neither is being recommended. Participation in any of AIO Ag’s services does not result in you opening a futures/options account or having a futures/options position. Pricing tools used via our Vendors are commodity pricing mechanisms. They are not a futures/options contract or a commodity pooling agreement.